Benefits and Impacts of Learning Circus Skills

The Silly People believe that circus can be a transformative experience with a range of impacts and benefits.

Learning circus skills is great fun, which encourages people to engage in the activity. This makes it more likely that people will join in and it also means participants will find it more memorable and enjoyable.

Learning circus skills gives people valuable experiences that can have a positive impact throughout their lives. For example, having poise and concentration under pressure; doing something you never thought possible; mastering a skill through trial, error, and plenty of practice; creating something out of nothing and seeing it come to fruition; and working together in a co-operative way to bring about something big and special that you could never do by yourself.

Circus arts also have many educational benefits: developing patience and persistence, providing a model for co-operative learning, improving the abilities to focus and concentrate, and cross-lateral movements actually improve the nerve communication between the two sides of the brain.

Physically, circus skills require balance and control of the whole body, activating the vestibular system, waking up the brain and preparing it to take in new information.

Mentally, the students experience pattern, sequence, timing and rhythm through the use of coloured equipment and the rhythmic movement of their arms in manipulating the equipment through set patterns, stimulating both the logical-left and creative-right hemispheres of the brain, or hand-eye coordination.


Improve your hand-eye coordination, increase your focus and build your confidence all while having fun.

We teach juggling with beanbags and balls starting from 1 all the way to 5.

Workshops are suitable for ages 7 and up.


Like a small version of the diabolo, one of the oldest toys in the world, everybody has tried to yo-yo but now you can really learn.

Yo-yos are not supplied for the workshop; available by purchase only.

Workshops are suitable for ages 7 and up.

Diabolos (Chinese Yo-yos)

Like a big version of the yo-yo, but way better, definitely the coolest circus skill you can learn.

Diabolos are supplied for the workshop; also available for purchase.

Workshops are suitable for ages 7 and up.

Balloon Art

Balloon sculpting is a basic circus skill that anyone can pick up; a little bit of practice and you'll be twisting up your own menagerie of animals.

Equipment and materials are provided for all workshops, except yo-yos, which must be purchased.

Workshops are suitable for ages 7 and up.

Circus Camps

Bring the entire Silly Circus Camp to your town!

Learn all the basic circus skills like juggling, diabolo, yo-yo, balloon art and spinning plates, along with more advanced disciplines such as swinging trapeze, acrobatics, stilt walking, tightrope and clowning.

Each workshop can be tailored to age brackets and size of classes.

Workshops are suitable for ages 7 and up.